Jeulia "Persistence of Memory" Inspired Timepiece Sterling Silver Necklace

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Artykuł#: JECC0147

Inspired by one of the most well-known paintings of Salvador Dalí, this pendant is designed as an abstract, limp, and distorted watch originated from a grotesque dreamscape. The camembert-like watch feebly hangs on a branch, implying permanence when time loses its meaning. This artistic necklace is an absolutely unique addition in your jewelry collection, showcasing your sophisticated aesthetics. Use this extraordinary piece to commemorate the permanence of your youth, passion, and love. 

Side Stone
Waga karatowa: 0.621 ct
Rozmiar kamienia: 0.9,1.1,1.25 mm
Typ kamienia: Kamień Jeulia®
Liczba kamieni: 61
Stone Color: Diamond White
Stone Shape: Okrągły
Necklace Information
Waga: 4.08 g
Materiał: Srebro 925
Kolor galwaniczny: Srebrny, Czarny
Długość: 450 mm