Jeulia "Little Lovable Koala" Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace

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Artykuł#: JECA0103

Koalas spend their lifetime on trees, sleep more than 20 hours a day, and never drink water! They are so cute and friendly that everyone wants to hug them in arms and give a kiss on their cheeks. Now you can wear this delicate koala pendant on your neck. This necklace is crafted in sterling silver with small white stones glittering as you see from different angles. Jeulia advocates wild animal protection and has Animal Collection, in which you can discover more endearing designs. 

Side Stone
Waga karatowa: 0.759 ct
Rozmiar kamienia: 0.8,1,1.2,1.4 mm
Typ kamienia: Kamień Jeulia®
Liczba kamieni: 58
Kolor kamienia: Diamond White, Fancy Black
Kształt kamienia: Okrągły
Necklace Information
Waga: 3.39 g
Materiał: Srebro 925
Kolor galwaniczny: Srebrny, Czarny
Długość: 450 mm
Chain Color: Srebrny